Manufacturing and Supply Chain 

Within Manufacturing and Supply Chain operations, Information Systems serve as the backbone for planning and controlling critical functions, spanning marketing, sales, operations, and distribution logistics.

Every investment in these business systems requires detailed planning and execution to ensure the selection of the right product and vendor, ultimately delivering the essential return on investment (ROI). This precision isn't accidental, and this is precisely where Vazon Technology, with its wealth of experience, steps in to provide invaluable assistance.

Our services in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sectors

As your trusted partner in this sector, we offer an array of client-side services aimed at supporting the selection, deployment, management, and optimization of your business system technologies. These services contribute directly to enhancing your ROI and are typically endorsed and supported by top management. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

  • Business & Systems Analysis: In-depth analysis to uncover insights and opportunities.
  • Strategic Planning: Crafting strategies aligned with your business objectives.
  • Project Delivery: Expert facilitation, project management, and programme management.
  • Vendor Selection & IT Outsourcing: Ensuring the right partners for your technology needs.
  • Business Performance Reporting (BI): Transforming data into actionable insights.

Our experience in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sectors

With over thirty years of working within Manufacturing and Supply Chain operations, we have a depth of technology experience that our clients find useful and worthy of retention.


We have a track record of successfully delivering technology change projects that not only achieve their intended benefits but often exceed expectations, leading to truly transformational outcomes.


Quote from Adrian Cragg, Technical Director

I've worked with Roger for many years and he's been able to help clients understand their IT projects, especially when it comes to delivering CRM & ERP systems. He really gets to understand how a business works and makes sure they get the most suitable solution for them.

Adrian Cragg, Technical Director
Quote from Nick Broom FCIM, PVL UK

Roger engaged with our project team with a thorough and commercial approach that yielded results quickly. His manufacturing and technology experience is self-evident: I'd recommend him to anyone seeking to develop and improve systems and processes within their organisation.

Nick Broom FCIM, PVL UK
Quote from Penny Price, Overview Ltd

Vazon Technology have long supported our IT systems. Initially with our outsourcing decision and then with our Priority ERP system. They assisted us with both the initial technology selection and the implementation project itself. Roger continues to provide valuable system insights and support to help us increase ERP usage. We consider Vazon Technology to be an important business partner going forward and look forward to working on further development projects together.

Penny Price, Overview Ltd

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Our comprehensive services span Business System Analysis, Business Technology Transformation, Business Intelligence, and IT Outsourcing. Discover how our expertise can empower your business and drive success.

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We specialise in serving the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sectors, as well as Not-for-Profits. Explore how our industry-focused expertise can drive positive change and enhance your operations.

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Latest from us

Case Study - ERP Implementation for Overview Ltd

Case Study - ERP Implementation for Overview Ltd

23/10/2023: Gary Campbell, joins us as Senior Business Intelligence Consultant.

Case Study - ERP Implementation for Overview Ltd

Case Study - ERP Implementation for Overview Ltd

23/10/2023: Overview Ltd, a prominent British tech company specialising in surveillance systems, sought a new IT partner to select and implement a manufacturing ERP system, with the goal of boosting operational efficiency.

Case Study - Digital Transformation for SEE Limited

Case Study - Digital Transformation for SEE Limited

18/10/2023: In an effort to improve how they operate, SEE Limited were looking for a tech partner to help them update and improve their technology systems. Their aim was to create a Digital Transformation Programme to align their different ways of working and support growth across their multiple business units.

Case study - Digital Transformation for PVL UK

Case study - Digital Transformation for PVL UK

11/09/2023: PVL had entered a period of rapid growth and was seeking to improve its business processes across the board, particularly in the supply of crashed emergency vehicle replacement markings.

Case study - Implementing Power BI Solutions for PVL

Case study - Implementing Power BI Solutions for PVL

11/09/2023: Vazon Technology successfully implemented Power BI solutions for PVL, transforming their data analysis process from cumbersome Excel Pivot Tables to dynamic, real-time business intelligence dashboards. This upgrade enabled PVL to securely and rapidly access critical business data, providing significant improvements in efficiency and client presentation.

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