Case study - Overview LTD

Overview Ltd, a prominent British tech company specialising in surveillance systems, sought a new IT partner to select and implement a manufacturing ERP system, with the goal of boosting operational efficiency.

Overview Ltd: Driving Innovation in Surveillance Technology

Overview Ltd. is a pioneering British company based in Woking, Surrey, specialising in the design, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge remote autonomous surveillance and reconnaissance sensor systems. Their innovative technology caters to diverse sectors such as defense, security, broadcast, and professional AV markets. The company's commitment to technological advancements has positioned them as leaders in their field.


The Challenge: Seeking an Effective ERP Solution for Overview Ltd

As Overview Ltd. expanded its operations and developed new digital technologies, they recognised the critical need for an efficient manufacturing ERP system. The company sought a dedicated IT partner to lead the selection and implementation of this system. Their primary objectives were to streamline business processes and integrate their production and inventory management effectively. Moreover, migrating data from the existing SAGE financial system was a vital requirement.


Why Vazon Technology?

Overview approached Vazon Technology seeking a reliable partner capable of not only implementing an ERP system but also working closely with senior management and gaining the trust of their staff. They needed a team that could focus on business technology while they concentrated on advancing their own digital technologies for the market.


Objectives and Client Requirements

The primary objective was clear: to lead the selection and implementation of a new ERP system within a stringent six-month timeframe. The client's requirements included the incorporation of all production work cells and their inventory at the system's Go-Live, as well as the migration of SAGE financial datasets.


Challenges Faced

One significant challenge was restructuring Overview's product data to align with the Bills of Materials in the chosen Priority ERP system. This restructuring needed approval from the product engineers before the system's Go-Live.


Overcoming Challenges: Key Strategies

To tackle the challenge of restructuring product data, early engagement with both the design and manufacturing teams was critical. Collaborative efforts were made to define products suitable for the Priority ERP system. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure a seamless transition before the Go-Live phase.


Project Solution

Vazon Technology collaborated closely with Medatech, a Priority ERP solutions provider, and Overview's functional leads. This collaboration ensured that the project plan was executed flawlessly, meeting the predefined goals within the allocated time, scope, and budget.


Outcome and Success

Through meticulous planning, close collaboration, and proactive problem-solving, the ERP implementation successfully integrated Overview's operational facets. The new system streamlined production, enhanced inventory management, and facilitated a seamless migration of financial data, empowering Overview Ltd. to focus on its core technological innovations while optimising its business operations.

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