Case study - Implementing Power BI Solutions for PVL

PVL had entered a period of rapid growth and was seeking to improve its access to valuable business data for day to day decisions making and also benefit from data driven insights for future planning.


Following significant business changes, PVL recognised the need to analyse their extensive business data stored in their ERP system, ECLIPSE PRO, more efficiently. The traditional method of exporting data to Excel and using Pivot Tables was found to be time-consuming, cumbersome, and error-prone. 

Previously engaged in a Digital Transformation Project, Vazon Technology was once again selected as a trusted partner to provide a streamlined solution.


Main objectives

  • Secure and Rapid Data Access: Deliver a mechanism to enable secure and rapid access to critical business data sets for staff to analyse.
  • Engaging Data Presentation: Create engaging views of contract performance data for presenting to PVL’s clients.


Client requirements

  • Near Real-Time Data: Data must be as near real-time as possible.
  • Branded Reports: Emulate existing branded reports as closely as possible.
  • Accessibility: Ensure reports are widely accessible by the Management Team with a minimal infrastructure footprint.
  • Security: Maintain high levels of data security.



Understanding the new database was an initial challenge that we overcame by working collaboratively with


Project solution

To address PVL's needs, we implemented a solution leveraging Microsoft’s Power BI and Canvas Application.


Key aspects of our solution included:

Power BI Tools: Utilising Power BI tools to create dynamic business intelligence dashboards, facilitating real-time data analysis and reporting.

Sharepoint Integration: Leveraging Microsoft's SharePoint to create a landing page for the solution, along with news items and quick access to user guides, ensuring rapid staff adoption.

Security and Access: Understanding the client's IT environment was critical to ensuring the solution's security, seamless access, and swift deployment.


Implementation of Power BI Dashboard

The implementation of a Power BI dashboard transformed how PVL analysed and presented their business data. By creating a business intelligence dashboard, we enabled PVL to generate business intelligence reports swiftly and accurately. This transition from Excel to Power BI dashboards provided PVL with the tools to perform complex business analytics with ease.


What PVL thought

PVL Director, Anna Tapponnier, said: “Both Nick & I were delighted with what you & your colleague have been able to produce along with the input from Yvonne, Craig, and the rest of the team. We believe it will be a ‘game changer’ and give us a USP. Indeed, we will be able to analyse meaningful data at the touch of a button instead of waiting for weeks for a spreadsheet to be compiled!”


The successful implementation of Power BI services at PVL demonstrates the transformative power of business intelligence and analytics. By addressing PVL’s needs for near real-time data, secure access, and engaging data presentation, we provided a robust solution that enhances their business analytics capabilities. This project highlights the importance of utilising advanced business intelligence tools and services to drive efficiency and gain a competitive edge in data analysis and reporting.

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